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Joymon v/s Code

5 Mins Hugo - 04 Getting Started13 Jan 2021
This is the 4th video on the 5 Mins Hugo series. Here we start installing and create our first Hugo site. Basically, we get our hands dirty with Hugo. This includes ...
5 Mins Hugo - 03 Current and Future Architecture, CI/CD pipelines06 Oct 2020
The major change is how can we avoid runtime Web API calls to get data and move that to compile-time and embed the API results within the site.
Issues with GitHub Profile Page22 Sep 2020
In one of the previous videos (link below), I explained how to set up a GitHub profile page using the secret repo feature. But when images were added it started ...

The J3D Family

Jurassic Quest @ MetLife Stadium New Jersey 4 October 202010 Oct 2020
We had a trip to Jurassic Quest drive-thru show hosted at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. The show is till 18 October 2020. Since it is drive-thru it ...
Failed attempt with DaVinci Resolve in laptop without graphics card03 Oct 2020
In constant search for better free video editing apps, we tried DaVinci Resolve. It got installed properly but crashes when working with timeline. It is in a laptop ...
DIY - Aquarium cleaning brush20 Sep 2020
When our aquarium needed cleaning we thought of making a DIY brush than buying one. That would be fun for Johan and Jerin too. But it took long time. Finally ...

Johan & Jerin Playtime

Playing @ YMCA26 Sep 2020
Last year Johan and Jerin used to visit YMCA regularly. Here is their one day at parenting center playing with lot of toys.
Spider car that climbs wall and run on ceiling upside down18 Jul 2020
This car has a vacuum at the bottom which help it to crawl the walls and run on ceiling. It has USB charging, no need to look for batteries. But remote needs ...